Our products are raised in controlled freedom regime, we have a large fenced for the Colts are exercised at home until the time of labor. On our farm "Valdeherreros High", the bottom line is they are programmed and cereal crops and fallow land according to their needs. Everything revolves around your being.

When it comes time to work, all our facilities are newly built and are adapted to give our animals the best possible comfort.

Among them include: 

An outdoor riding.
A regulation dressage arena outdoors.
An indoor dressage arena.
Fifteen inner boxes.
Outdoor pens.
Three Boxes adapted as farrowing.
Two ponies for veterinary examination.
800 m2 of warehouses for mares.
Ships 400m2 foals.
700m2 of barns and haystacks.
Shower cover.
Outdoor shower.


I hope ...

Our animals met daily training program, so if you decide to visit, I appreciate it conciertes a visit so we can serve you as you deserve.


Our address is:


Valdeherreros Finca Alto

13370 Calzada de Calatrava. CIUDAD REAL

926 338 203 Cell-Phones. 680 422 844 - 680 422 845

email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and the Google Earth can find us on:

Latitude 38 ° 38'52 .74'' and Longitude 3 ° 39 '13.29'' W


 If in the box below the map you enter your home, we will guide you to our house.

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