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Our animals met Untrained daily schedule so that if you decide to visit us, I thank you and ASI conciertes A Visit We serve you as you deserve.


Our address is:


Finca Alto Valdeherreros

13370 Calzada de Calatrava. CIUDAD REAL

Cell Phone-926 338 203. 680422844-680422845

email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and IN THE CAN find us on Google Earth:

Latitude 38 ° 38'52 .74'' Length and three # 39 '13: 29'' The


 If the box located beneath the source map is an introduction to our will guide you home.

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Our history



It was the late eighties when we go to riding lessons with our children, to discover and fall in love with the Spanish Purebred and begin to raise him.

First tip mares came from two different lines: Don Virgilio Fernandez de la Vega and Don José Luis de la Escalera. Soon another batch of mares come this time only ladder line.

We covered with two stallions, one for each line: POPLAR III, closed in bocao, son of Naranjero V, for mares of Virgil, MYSTERIOUS, with iron staircase, son of Vintner III, for his sisters. Gradually, the staircase were gaining ground.

When the daughters of Mystery began to be mares, came SUPERIOR IV iron ladder again, son of Pharaoh XXIV, printing its character and beauty in the stud.


Superior Products To seek new blood IV line Guardiola. When we met effusive, son of Centella V and Effusive II, both multiplatinum in SICAB, we realized that this horse could tell us much at home.

And so, Effusive is giving even today morphologically and functionally spectacular animals. After our commitment to black cape came vane, son of Maria Fernanda Doctor IX. Today mothers daughters are fantastic.

With the growth of the stud, we introducioendo new young stallions from our mothers and sires used. SMOKING V, son of Effusive and Berber XII, XI Scholar son; siguiero line with Guardiola. 


In an effort to find and breed functionality and incorporate character size and also the line of Don Salvador Sánchez Bearded with Novelero XXXII, possibly one of the best stallions steeds of time.

This horse, plus a significant morphology, with solid lines and good top soil, gave us some moves unfortunately unusual in the Spanish horse.

Apart from the extent and timing of these, distinguished by their suspension, rear third drive and easy on the back. 



Our products are raised in controlled freedom regime, we have a large fenced for the Colts are exercised at home until the time of labor. On our farm "Valdeherreros High", the bottom line is they are programmed and cereal crops and fallow land according to their needs. Everything revolves around your being.

When it comes time to work, all our facilities are newly built and are adapted to give our animals the best possible comfort.

Among them include: 

An outdoor riding.
A regulation dressage arena outdoors.
An indoor dressage arena.
Fifteen inner boxes.
Outdoor pens.
Three Boxes adapted as farrowing.
Two ponies for veterinary examination.
800 m2 of warehouses for mares.
Ships 400m2 foals.
700m2 of barns and haystacks.
Shower cover.
Outdoor shower.


I hope ...

Our animals met daily training program, so if you decide to visit, I appreciate it conciertes a visit so we can serve you as you deserve.


Our address is:


Valdeherreros Finca Alto

13370 Calzada de Calatrava. CIUDAD REAL

926 338 203 Cell-Phones. 680 422 844 - 680 422 845

email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and the Google Earth can find us on:

Latitude 38 ° 38'52 .74'' and Longitude 3 ° 39 '13.29'' W


 If in the box below the map you enter your home, we will guide you to our house.

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NOTE: This document is merely a draft of the actual contract to be signed between the two parties at the time of the request for services. Therefore lacks any contract.


Request cooled semen shipment


On the one hand don _____________________________________ provided with ID. _________________ _________________________________ Neighboring province of _________________________, _________________________ contact telephone and e-mail address ___________________________________________, and hereinafter will be referred as the buyer.

In another, Mr. ______________________, as a representative of the stud Molero Malo, located at Finca Valdeherreros Alto, in the town of Calzada de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, with livestock code  ______________________  and REGA code ______________________ .

Agree you hereby shipping conditions cooled stallion semen   ______________________   MOLERO ownership BAD Stud with Code   ______________________  and Microchip   ______________________   for artificial insemination PRE mare, whose details are given below:










The conditions under which it is agreed artificial insemination with cooled semen, are as follows:


  • The cover fee is € horse. - Which entitles A covering certificate / birth.
  • This includes three shipments of semen. If not stay pregnant mare with three doses, each new "cycle" referred (three shipments more) cost €. - Additional.
  • These amounts include only detailed semen doses. 
  • For each draw will be billed €. - Additional veterinary services concept extraction, handling and preparation for shipment.
  • Semen withdrawals made on weekdays except holidays. 
  • Expenses are also excluded from the express delivery company to be paid by the buyer.
  • The payment which states is as follows:
  • Be paid 50% of the fee covering prior to sending the request the first draw, by entering the CCC whose owner is a gift.
  • A confirmation of the pregnancy of the mare (45 days after insemination) will be processed the remaining costs through income generated in the same aforementioned CCC.
  • Once paid these amounts will be forwarded to the buyer covering the certificate duly completed.


 The address to make the shipment will be as follows:









And for the record, this document is signed in Calzada de Calatrava _________________________ 20 __ 










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